The Thrifty Sports Fan

Sporting events can cost hundreds of dollars to attend and sports enthusiasts can spend thousands of dollars on sports accessories, snacks for the big game, cable subscriptions and more. It is possible to run up considerable personal loans and debts by following a favorite team, but it also possible to get as much fun out of the game while spending less. Create a money-saving system to watch games at home. Stay at home to watch games. Many sports bars offer big screen TVs to watch your favorite games, but it can get expensive if you want to follow a team’s entire season and you stock up on beer and snacks at every game. If you have friends who are fans as well, consider pooling together for one cable subscription and snack costs. Meeting for games is not only more fun but it saves cash.

If you want to see a favorite team, check out home games and games on the road. Teams play at different cities for different prices. Seeing an ice hockey game in Toronto can easily cost hundreds of dollars or even over a thousand for great seats, but it is possible to see a great hockey game in Phoenix, Florida, or California for a fraction of the price. Look online for last-minute deals and sports fan deals. Some travel companies offer packages that include airfare, hotel, and tickets to your team’s game. This can often be less expensive than buying each item separately. Also, buy tickets online, looking for last-minute deals, when most ticket-holders are willing to bargain.

Buy a few favorite team items on sale. Rather than buying every item with your team logo, buy one or two items only, such as a jersey and a hat. Support local sports. Local sports offer all the same fun and thrill as national sports – but tickets are usually a fraction of the price. Never use a payday loan or personal loan to pay for tickets or sports-related events. It is tempting, but it is not a necessity and you could be stuck with repayments for months or more than a year.

Get creative with game-day snacks. Instead of buying expensive pre-packaged snacks, make your own snacks at home. For example, make your own popcorn and add your favorite seasonings or toppings. You can also make your own dips, such as guacamole or salsa. Consider volunteering at sporting events. Many sporting events rely on volunteers to help run the event, and volunteering can often get you free admission to the event. This is a great way to enjoy the event without spending any money. Look for free events. Many cities and towns host free sporting events, such as community basketball games or pick-up soccer games. These events are a great way to enjoy sports without spending any money.

Use loyalty programs and discounts. Many sports teams and vendors offer loyalty programs and discounts to repeat customers. Take advantage of these programs to save money on tickets, merchandise, and snacks. In conclusion, there are many ways to enjoy sports without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to watch games at home, attend local sporting events, or take advantage of discounts and loyalty programs, there are plenty of ways to save money while still enjoying your favorite sports. By being smart with your spending and getting creative with your game-day snacks, you can have just as much fun without spending as much money.